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About Us

G.R.I.F.F.I.N. K-9 Rescue was founded by Keith and Brittany Griffin in August of 2015. They have six dogs of their own and have loved and cared for dogs their entire lives. They began rescuing dogs shortly after getting married while both working full time jobs. Inspired by local rescues, Keith and Brittany became a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue in hopes of changing the lives of many abandoned dogs and the families that adopted them. From August 2015-March 2020 Griffin K-9 has rescued and adopted out 105 total dogs! 

Although Keith and Brittany's passion for the physical rescuing and adopting out of dogs is strong, for the reminder of 2020 and the 2021 year that piece of the rescue will not be active. This was a very difficult decision to come to as an organization. However, after having twins in July 2019 and expecting a baby girl in November 2020 Keith and Brittany feel they need to put rescuing on hold for the time being as they grow their very young family. However, this is not goodbye to dog rescue forever! The goal is to have that piece of the rescue up and running again in 2022! Until then, Griffin K-9 Rescue will be focusing on their 

community based programs (partnership with David's Backpacks and Pearl's Project). The goal for the next year is to continue to educate the community  on animal welfare and help supports pups in need! 

When we began G.R.I.F.F.I.N. K-9 Rescue, we wanted to incorporate the love of Jesus Christ while saving the lives of many dogs at the same time. Our goal is mainly to share Christ's love through each individual dog or puppy that comes through our rescue. We have based our rescue off of the bible verse, Psalms 145:9 which says, "The LORD is good to all, and His mercy is over all that He has made." We believe that as Christ created each and every one of us, he also created each and every animal on this Earth including dogs! We want everyone, whether they are adopters, volunteers, fosters, etc., to know that we love Jesus Christ and that we do this in honor of His name!